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Alzheimer’s disease

7 Tips for Developing a Dementia Care Support System

Providing for the daily needs of a loved one living with dementia can be an extremely challenging labor of love. In fact, being a dementia caregiver can often be mentally and physically exhausting – even hazardous to your own health. Therefore, it is critical to identify all support resources available to you to create a support system that is part of your overall care plan.

9 Mental Health Tips for Dementia Caregivers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As any dementia caregiver can tell you, caring for a loved one with dementia is an extremely difficult job, one that challenges both their physical and mental health – even under the best of circumstances. Now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, dementia caregivers’ lives have become even more stressful and their mental health has become that much more fragile.

9 Ways to Maximize Meal Appeal for Your Loved One with Dementia

March is National Nutrition Month and the ideal time for caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia to learn ways to make their meals more appealing.

Dementia care authorities advise that as your loved one’s dementia progresses, their eating habits are affected and meals can become more of a challenge. As a result, it becomes increasingly important for the person with dementia to eat enough food at mealtime and to receive sufficient nutrition.

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